We provide disc manufacturing services for all contemporary formats:

  • CD-ROM
  • CD-Audio
  • DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)

The imprint is made by means of offset (CD 120 mm) and screen printing (CD 80 mm and CD 120 mm) techniques.


CD - AUDIO (original disc format, serving as a basis for all other formats)

CD Audio discs are manufactured according to the stamp obtained from the CD-R supplied. Next, the discs are verified with respect to their compliance with quality standards. The imprint is made by means of screen printing (up to 6 colours).

CD - ROM – development of Audio format, whose main function is to store computer data for games and other applications.

CD - ROM XA – multimedia CD-ROM version used as a basis


  • Imprint CD 120 mm - Offset
  • Imprint CD 120 mm - Screen printing
  • Imprint CD 80 mm - Screen printing


  • Envelope 12 cm, without a flap
  • Envelope 12 cm, with a flap


  • Inlay Card – insert for the backside of Rewel Box
  • Maxi Inlay Card – insert for a box with a single
  • Stitched booklet
  • Title card 2 p.
  • Insert 4, 6, 8, 12 p.


We offer a wide range of non-standard options related to the production of CD and DVD discs:

  • cutting-out CD Business Card,
  • cutting-out CD with the diameter of 80 mm,
  • shape cutting CD-Audio,
  • gold metallization of CD,
  • metallization of discs with the maximum diameter of 78 mm,
  • pit-art. on DVD-5 discs,
  • CD printing with scented inks,
  • CD colouring with dyes other than transparent.


To meet your expectations, we offer wide range of packaging.

  • plastic boxes
  • paper and plastic envelopes, cardboard printed envelopes
  • digipacks
  • non-standard packaging


DVD - VIDEO – the most popular of all DVD formats, an ideal carrier for the distribution of video content.

DVD - ROM – has been replacing CD – ROM. It offers a much larger data format for computer industry.

DVD - AUDIO - format for high quality recordings with surround sound

Printing on DVD discs is carried out in the same way as on CD discs. The exception is the DVD -10 disc, where the imprint can only be made on the inner plastic circle.


  • Imprint DVD10/18 - Screen printing
  • Imprint DVD5/9 - Offset
  • Imprint DVD5/9 - Screen printing


  • Envelope 12 cm, without flap
  • Envelope 12 cm, with a flap


  • Amaray Inland Card – insert for Amaray box
  • Amaray Booklet
  • Inlay Card for Super Jewel Box
  • Booklet for Super Jewel Box
  • Assembly instructions for booklet pages


We offer many types of high quality envelopes of varying colours and sizes, with an option to make imprints on their surface.

Our offer includes:

  • Wet seal and self-seal envelopes
  • Envelopes for machine packing
  • Envelopes for season tickets and postcards
  • Self-seal envelopes
  • Envelopes packed in foil
  • Envelopes with air protection AIR POC
  • Double-layered envelopes DOUBLE BAG
  • Single-layered envelopes JUMBOBAG
  • White and brown handmade envelopes


Our duty is to meet your expectations!
tel. +48 12 4269426 | biuro@parioprint.pl
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