This type of packaging is made to customer specifications. It can be used in marketing campaigns, as well as for packing gifts, bottles or sweets.



We are able to produce small batches of boxes and other packaging of any shape and size, without having to make special die-cuts, and quickly.

The size of packaging is no problem for us! We are prepared to produce even large-format packaging out of a single piece of cardboard or any other material of the customer’s choice.

We need only a few moments to make a prototype, so making a single item of packaging according to non-standard shape or size specifications is no problem.

With the technology in place, we are able to produce packaging for any item and in any shape.

Using a plotter, we can cut out virtually any shape. There are obviously certain limitations in die-cuts, due to their design, particularly if precise shapes are required.

The maximum size of a sheet of cardboard that we are able to process is 2200 mm x 3200 mm, and the maximum thickness is 55 mm. The cut lines are smooth and fray-free, and the process of making bending-grooves, which involves applying weights of up to 50 kg, allows us to process material from corrugated cardboard to seven-layer cardboard. The use of a plotter guarantees high precision and consistency. Thanks to a video camera, we can precisely adjust the cutting path to any previously printed graphic patterns.

Our duty is to meet your expectations!
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